Ignorance is bliss??

“Maybe I would dream if I could sleep, Maybe I’d see what this could be, Instead of what it is, And is there bliss in ignorance? Is this our demise we can’t prevent? Should we fall asleep?” -Rise Against

Just because you’re ignorant of something DOES NOT excuse intolerance. It MAY justify for a short period of time, but refusal to educate yourself or acknowledge the error of your ways is pretty freakin evil.

In Lewis Carroll’s book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Alice states “I cannot go back to yesterday because I was a different person then”which is true, the declination of evolution is the EPITOME of ignorance.

I’m not fond of admitting I was wrong, most people aren’t, but I DO try to correct myself when I am, be it through my dietary restrictions, or mannerisms or thought patterns, I feel like I’m making an effort.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not claiming I’m BETTER or MORE enlightened than anyone, I’m just trying to point out that while we ALL (unless you’re freakin some sort of magical infallible being) make mistakes REGARDLESS, I just happen to believe that as humans, it’s necessary to correct them wherever and whenever possible.

I like to think that as sentient beings we can act responsibly and move forward to spread love not hate. I feel like it’s the reason we’re on this planet. I guess you could also surmise that this means you love the other inhabitants of this planet unquestioningly. Plants, animals, insects, arachnids other humans, whatever.

I DID literally dream this.

I can now say that this was actually a dream and not a vision (which I guess wouldn’t make it any LESS credible, just different), but I digress this is part of last night’s episode. Which, I guess warrants further explanation; for years (20-25 approximately) I was an insomniac (because of PTSD I only napped 30 mins-an hour in intervals nightly), and had visions, unlike what I now recognize as dreams these visions WERE NOT episodic OR congruent thematically, they kinda said what they meant and then moved on. My dreams, are similar to episodes of a t.v. show, they contain TONS of information and symbols and have alot of the same characters AND themes, it’s pretty exhausting.

I guess the point is that the world needs more love and tolerance, not hatred and fear. We should be working towards unity, not trying to figure out ways to further exploit the planet and postalizing on who the next leader should or should not be imho. Am I a hippie? Perhaps, but that’s really not a bad thing to be.

Well that’s all I have on this, be well, stay safe and have an excellent day!

Peace, much love, many hugs, C xxx

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