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“Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” -Buddah

When I first got this (23 or so years ago), I didn’t really understand why I did, now I do 💜and it only took me almost a 1/4 century to figure out!! 😊💜🙏🏽🕉

I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful

Daily gratitude project, chapter 1

I’m not going to pretend that I don’t live in the first world and that I’m also NOT afforded many of the luxuries associated with it. I DO feel like it’s a pretty crappy thing to have such great things and NOT express gratitude, so:

1. My daughter Bellatrix.

She’s honest, genuine, sensitive, brilliant, witty, sarcastic, funny as hell and my favorite person! She is VERY charming and an empath, she unknowingly can sense a person’s energy and influence it either way. She has the uncanny ability to cheer me up (no small feat, as I’m very self conscious and anxious, among other thing lol), she NEVER makes me feel like a fuck-up or a loser and seems to love me unconditionally! She makes me see what I want to see in myself and be how I feel I should be without judgement, she loves and accepts me even when I act strangely. She is EXTREMELY patient with me(difficult at times) and and caring towards me (even if I don’t have an easy time with affection), I love her!

2. My cat, Jedi

He’s cute and soft and very nice to me, otherwise he’s a cat, what else can you expect? Plus those feet! I mean come on! I just can’t even, with those feet!

3. My dog,Wicket

She’s just about the cutest and sweetest dog ever! My wheelchair freaks most animals out (rightly so, it’s pretty gd creepy), but not my Wicket, we were going into the adoption place at the same time she was being dropped off. She and I got to the doors at the same time and she ran over to me and sat next to my chair. “This dog’s coming with me!” That was it, nuff said

4. Sloths

I honestly don’t even really know why I like these animals, I just do. They don’t really DO anything per se, they just kinda ARE, perhaps I’m jealous? Idk? Actually, upon further consideration, they pretty much act like my cat & look like my dog, so that’s probably why.

5. Sharks

This one I CAN explain they are supremely beautiful and majestic creatures. One of the most feared and hated animals on the planet, they don’t resemble EITHER of my pets, but that doesn’t stop me being head over heels for these apex predators.

Well, that’s all I’ve got on this, have a great day! Be well

Much love and many hugs, C xxx

New P.O.V. for a new me

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Over ten years ago I suffered a TBI, and was left with cerebellar taxi and wholly dependent on a wheelchair. For months I could barely move or talk, despite having about a month in the hospital and over 2 months in rehab. It was soooo disheartening.

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I adapted the best I could, I relearned how to speak (though my speech can be very hard to understand) and move with more ease (although it’s pretty graceless and clumsy). However, just recently I decided I AM NOT satisfied with simply ADAPTING I won’t be satisfied unless I EXCEL.

So I decided that I’m going to work towards that daily, even if there are things I have to force myself to do. I feel like the journey to a destination, isn’t as important as what you do to get there and the things you do and learn along the way.

Knowing that, I’m cool with starting at the beginning. My penmanship is atrocious (it WAS gorgeous), so I’m sure to journal, even if my hands hurt. I live without other humans, so I talk and sing to my animals (they don’t complain lol), even if my voice cracks. I don’t draw anymore (I was amazing), so I color everyday. My body aches and my bones make awful noises (I WAS flexible and graceful), so I stretch daily. I’m dependant on my wheelchair to get around, (I get worn out pretty easily and need to hold on to things) ,so I walk as much as I can and move and stand as much as feasible for me.

My dreams and tarot cards have been telling me this for quite some time, but I’m sadly (or not) VERY hard-headed. However, I’m learning to heed their messages and advice through journaling and meditation. I don’t need anyone to wish me luck, but good vibes and love are appreciated 🙂

Well that’s all I have on this, be well, stay safe and have an excellent day!

Peace, much love, many hugs, C xxx