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Inquiring minds No.2: your favorite actress(es)

These women pretty much just simply need to BE in a movie or show and I’ll watch.My favorite acting ladies(in no particular order):

  1. Claire Danes
  2. Winona Ryder
  3. Alicia Silverstone
  4. Kristen Bell
  5. Angela Bassett
  6. Emma Stone
  7. Anne Hathaway
  8. Anna Kendrick
  9. Mila Kunis
  10. Merryl Streep
  11. Parker Posey
  12. Christina Applegate
  13. Emma Watson
  14. Lauren Ambrose
  15. Millie Bobby Brown
  16. Mary Louise Parker
  17. Frances Conroy
  18. Helena Bonham Carter
  19. Julia Louis-Dreyfus
  20. Jessica Lange
  21. Drew Barrymore

Who is/are the best in your humble opinion? And go

P.S. I’ve been thinking of these questions since high school, I’m almost 40, so I’ve had ample time to think of answers, so don’t feel like you need a list, it could just be 1

Peace, much love, many hugs, C xxx

Inquiring Minds No.1: tree(s)(again)

My favorites in no particular order:

  1. Japanese Maple
  2. Kobushi Magnolia
  3. Cherry Blossom
  4. Almond Blossom
  5. Weeping Willow
  6. Giant Sequoia
  7. Wisteria
  8. Royal Purple Smoke
  9. Redwood
  10. White Paper Birch

What’s your favorite tree? Inquiring minds want to know…And go.

P.S. I thought I posted this yesterday, but I can’t find it, so if you can see it but I can’t it’s my bad

Peace, much love and many hugs, C xxx

Fly me to the moon

“Standing in a crater in my leaden shoes, I am held here by more than gravity
She’s been hit so many times with heavenly abuse, quite a history of catastrophe
But the footprints on her face are merely made by man, she is shining despite the rough terrain
I think she picks her teeth with the staff of a flag, she plucked from her teeth with playful disdain,glowing survivor, gorgeous in orbit, throwing a spotlight, over the chasm” -Tilt

Hopefully I’ll finish this before the end of today (I tried yesterday but clearly WAS NOT successful, lol). Today is a pernumbal eclipse: A penumbral lunar eclipse is one of the three types of lunar eclipses – total, partial, and penumbral. During a penumbral lunar eclipse, the Earth blocks some of the Sun’s light from directly reaching the Moon and the outer part of the Earth’s shadow, called the ‘penumbra’, covers all or part of the Moon.

The full moon rises in Sagittarius at 3:12PM and leaves everyone feeling pretty extra to say the least. Emotions tend to run pretty high during this time and it may cause craze and anger, FYI. Sagittarius is the ruler of travel and wanderlust. The intensity of the moon sign combined with the fact that it’s also an eclipse combined again with the fact that it was traditionally used to mark Strawberry harvest has people feeling super duper antsy.

Moon phases in a nutshell:

New Moon- The Moon is situated between Earth and the Sun, since it’s in the Earth’s shadow, we don’t see it. A time marked by new beginning’s and intention setting.

Waxing Crescent- The waxing crescent appears after the new moon when you can see a tiny sliver of the moon illuminated by the sun. At times, you may also be able to see a faint shadow of the rest of the moon due to a phenomenon called “earthshine”. This is a time that is for motivation and focus.

First Quarter- At this phase, the moon is half illuminated. It’s called the first quarter because the moon is one-quarter of the way through its cycle. This occurs one week after the new moon. This moon phase is typically when people feel unfocused and motivated, so you have to work harder to stay the course.

Waxing gibbous- Because a greater percentage of the moon is illuminated by the sun, this moon can be seen even in the daytime. This is the last phase before the full moon. This is when people may experience a disheartening feeling, like your efforts are for naught, redefine and refocus on your goals and decide what needs to change in order to accomplish them.

Full Moon- The full moon occurs when the sun and the moon are on opposite sides of the earth. In this phase, the entire moon is illuminated from our perspective, creating the full, bright, circular moon. Spiritually a very energetic and cleansing time, it can be super rewarding, but you must be open to receiving abundance that you worked so dilligently for the previous week.

Waning Gibbous- ‘Waning’ refers to the decreasing of the Moon’s illumination, and ‘Gibbous’ means more than half of Moon illuminated. In this phase you should express gratitude for abundance(whether or not you feel like you have any).

Third Quarter- Exactly half of the Moon is illuminated and the other half is shadowed. We will see the opposite side than the First Quarter Moon. This is a time for expressing forgiveness and releasing any grudges.

Waning Crescent- Waning’ refers to the shrinking of the Moon’s illumination, and ‘Crescent’ means less than half of the Moon is illuminated. This phase calls for surrender and letting go of negative energy.

Void of Course- At this point the moon is done projecting its energy through one sign, but sill gearing up for when its influence is needed in the next. Astrologers and others say its not the best time to make decisions or start new projects as more than likely they will be fruitless.

Moon Names:

January-Wolf/Cold/Spirit/Center/Severe/Greetings Moon: The howling of wolves was often heard at this time of year. It was traditionally thought that wolves howled due to hunger, but we now know that wolves use howls to define territory, locate pack members, and gather for hunting.

February-Snow/ Hunger/Bone/Black/Bear Moon: February is typically a time of heavy snowfall.

March-Worm/Sap/Sugar/Eagle/Crow/ Lenten Moon: Traditionally thought to be named after the earthworms of warming spring soil, this Moon name actually refers to a different sort of “worm”—grubs—which emerge from thawing trees and other winter hideouts

April-Pink/ Egg/ Sprouting Grass/Budding Moon: This full Moon heralded the appearance of the “moss pink,” or wild ground phlox—one of the first spring wildflowers.

May- Flower/Corn Planting/ Milk/ Mother’s/ Frog Moon: Flowers spring forth in abundance this month.

June-Strawberry/Rose /Hot/ Hoeing/ Honey Moon: In Colonial America, this was a time to gather ripening strawberries.

July- Buck/Thunder/ Raspberry/ Salmon Moon: At this time, a buck’s antlers are in full growth mode.

August-Sturgeon/GreenCorn /Black Cherries/ Flying Up Moon: The sturgeon of the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain were most readily caught during this full Moon.

September-Corn/Barley/Yellow Leaf Moon: This full Moon corresponds with the time of harvesting corn.

October-Hunter’s/ Migrating/ Falling Leaves: This is the month when the leaves are falling and the game is fattened up for winter. Now is the time for hunting and laying in a store of provisions for the long months ahead.

November-Beaver/Frost: This was the time when beavers finished preparations for winter and retreated into their lodges.

Cold/Long Nights Moon: This is the month when the winter cold fastens its grip and the nights become long and dark.

Harvest Moon: The Harvest Moon is always the full Moon that occurs closest to the September equinox. If the Harvest Moon occurs in October, the September full Moon is called the Corn Moon instead. Similarly, the Hunter’s Moon always follows the Harvest Moon, meaning that it may also occur in November.

Blue Moon: a fairly infrequent phenomenon involving the appearance of an additional full moon within a given period.

Black Moon: an additional new moon that appears in a month or in a season.

Blood Moon: the phenomenon whereby the moon in total eclipse appears reddish in color as it is illuminated by sunlight filtered and refracted by the earth’s atmosphere

Super Moon: a full moon that appears larger than a typical full moon due to it being closer to Earth.

Well that’s all I have for now so, stay safe, be well and have a great day!

Peace, much love and many hugs, love C xxx

In my mind’s eye, or whatever

Yesterday was my 11th brain injuryiversary! Perhaps not a celebratory event to the vast majority of people, but it kinda is for me, because I didn’t die! It hasn’t been easy and I wish someone would’ve known enough to tell me a few things: when I first got home I couldn’t talk and could barely move, here’s what I learned:

lesson #1 DON’T GIVE UP!!!– No matter what the doctors and therapists may or may not say you have to be in charge of your own life and what happens! Doc’t let others naysaying have a lasting negative influence on your life!

“When the weight we carry breaks us, we’re tempted to stay down
But every road to recovery, starts at the breakdown”-Rise Against

Which brings me to lesson #2 DON’T BE TOO HARD ON YOURSELF!!!– It’s easy (especially with social media) to compare yourself to others or judge yourself negatively. The journey is personal, so just because someone else is having a way easier time with something, DOES NOT mean you suck.

Also lesson #3 YOU WILL FORGET THINGS!!! other things you might remember while others forget, like names, dates and other relatively unimportant factoids(BTW people get REALLY pissed when this happens).

So, lesson #4 YOU WILL BE AN ASSHOLE SOMETIMES- I don’t really mean to be rude, snappy or hostile, but it happens, if I do it to you and I’m ordinarily pretty nice, I don’t mean it, I just can’t help it (people do this all the time w/o the benefit of having an excuse).

lesson #5 YOUR BRAIN AND MOUTH ARE NOT FRIENDS!!!- This is unfortunate because there are so many things I think of and they sound COMPLETLY different when I voice them, case in point, when I first got sick and was hospitalized my mother visited EVERYDAY (much awesome than I give her credit for), so I practiced ALL DAY in my head telling her how much I loved her; she came, sat on my bed and brushed my leg and I screamed “GET THE FUCK OFF OF ME!!!”

So I guess this is lesson #6 for what I wish I knew then: LAUGH– Life’s hard, things aren’t easy, don’t take yourself so seriously that you forget to actually LIVE!!!

Well, that’s all I’ve got on this, so, be well stay safe and have a great night!

Peace, much love and many hugs C xxx

Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

“When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars, then peace will guide the planets, and love will steer the stars.”-Hair

The Age of Aquarius in a nutshell:

The Age of Aquarius, or simply the Aquarian Age, is an astrological time period that the Earth is currently moving into. Astrologers tell us that each astrological time period lasts an average of 2,150 years.

But what does it mean?

Essentially, the commencement of the Age of Aquarius makes room for a fundamental shift in the consciousness of humankind. Spiritually, this means a shift away from duality and self-centered thinking towards a more humanitarian perspective that considers the oneness of all beings.

Many ancient cultures ingrained this belief into the very fabric of their civilizations. These included cultures that evolved in opposite corners of the Earth such as the Egyptians and the Mayans. These individualized civilizations all predicted this shift in consciousness and that it would occur during an era of inter-connectivity. In India specifically, ancient Hindu belief has maintained that with this dawning of a new age of awareness, the Kundalini energy that dwells dormant within all living beings will awaken as an inevitable response to this expanded consciousness.

Coincidentally, or not, Aquarius also represents in astrological terms: major technological advancements such as electricity, computers, flight and general freedom associated with invention. Many believe that technology, the internet and various resources that we have available to us today comply with a plan laid out by the Universe. This plan, they believe, has been necessary to allow for more people to increase their awareness about the possibilities of the Age of Aquarius and all it represents spiritually, thereby leading eventually to critical mass and worldwide adoption.

Hallmarks of the sign:

Let’s quickly list other qualities of Aquarius to get an even better feeling for what the Age of Aquarius will bring us. Aquarius has a strong need for independence and individualism, and while members of this sign can be somewhat idiosyncratic they are also very original and inventive. Aquarius is visionary and creative, but rebellious, too. Aquarius’ job is to challenge authority, tear down existing structures, and replace the outdated with something better. Thus, Aquarius can be capable of great extremes. This sign acts in rather sudden and unexpected ways, thanks to being ruled by Uranus, the planet of surprise.

This future-thinking sign can often be a study in contrast. On one hand, Aquarius can be quite intellectually and emotionally aloof at times. Aquarius needs distance, and marches to a different drummer. On the other hand, it is one of the most congenial, social and gregarious signs, and certainly one of the most humanitarian (besides Pisces). Aquarius sees social wrongs and moves to right them, often through mobilizing groups into action. Unlike Pisces, a sign that works one-on-one, Aquarius likes to work in large groups, and is altruistic and democratic in spirit. Aquarius is “one for all and all for one,” rather than elitist. Since Aquarius is a fixed sign, they are quite solid when they make commitments. 

The Aqurian Age:

The Aquarian Age will be dominated by networks, and information. The key phrase for this age is “Be to be.” The key to the astrological sign Aquarius is “I know.” This is the age of information. Nothing is secret anymore. All information is available at your fingertips. Where the Piscean age was organized in a vertical, up and down structure of hierarchies, the Aquarian Age is organized in a horizontal network, opening the world up to true equality.

During this age, the focus is no longer on your identity and existence (“to be or not to be”), but on accepting yourself as a whole person (“be to be”) who does not need to believe in something outside of yourself. You are ready to accept that you have the knowledge and wisdom within yourself. It is no longer necessary to attach to something outside yourself, but to become a leader of one: yourself. Instead of being a railroad car that is pulled by an engine, you become your own engine. It is your responsibility to stay on the tracks and to keep moving forward

For Humanity:

This shift is bringing out the best and the worst in mankind, sadly.  Some people are preparing for this shift by opening their hearts and minds and embracing this new age, and some people are intimidated by the changes that they don’t understand and want to return to a “golden age” in the past, or to circle the wagons and trust only those who are like themselves.

Transformation is never a painless process. When you fast or cleanse to purify your body, at first you feel worse, because toxins get stirred up in order to be eliminated. Once these poisons have been cleared, you feel lighter and more energized. Now imagine that every person on planet Earth is going through this shift. We are heading into a time of radical change. It is a time of great potential growth and expansion, but it is also a time of great potential pain and suffering. The more that you understand what is happening, the more that you can go through all of the changes without losing your balance and stability.

Ways to help yourself during this transition:

1. Have a daily spiritual practice. Every spiritual tradition has one thing in common: a daily practice. This can be many different things: yoga, meditation, chanting, prayer, contemplation, exercise, journaling, etc. It is not important what you are doing, but that you do something almost every day, and do it with an intention to let go of your blocks and focus your consciousness.

2. Don’t, I reapeat, DON’T give in to fear, despair, or anger! There is so much happening that can trigger these emotions: the media, the environment, politics, terrorism, etc. If you understand that these emotions are all symptoms of the Aquarian shift, then you can go through them without losing your center. I understand that things aren’t awesome currently, but YOU have the power to change this and react appropriately.

3. Don’t allow yourself to be a victim. You have the power to change your life. Don’t give that power away to anyone through blame or resentment. You are responsible for your happiness and grace. Don’t buy into any view of reality in which you are not 100% responsible for making your life work. The Aquarian Age is all about empowerment and consciousness.

4. Be a source of light. The more people who consciously choose to embrace the Aquarian shift, the easier this transformation will go for humanity. It is a spiritual truth that a small percentage of people who have shifted their consciousness can influence the rest of humanity. If you are reading this, then you are most likely one of these pioneers. Find a way to spread your light: teach, heal, create community networks, serve, sacrifice, love. Welcome to the Aquarian Age!

I hope that helps, be well, stay safe, and have an excellent day!

Peace, much love and many hugs, C xxx