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Just because…

“Just because you’re paranoid, don’t mean they’re not after you”

Just because I support women’s rights including their right to choose DOES NOT make me a bad person.

Just because I find various forms of divination useful DOES NOT mean I worship the devill.

Just because I’m agnostic DOES NOT mean that I don’t believe in anything.

Just because I listen to a certain musician or read a certain book DOES NOT mean that you have me figured out.

Just because I have a brain injury and can’t make snap decisions DOES NOT mean I’m stupid.

Just because we smile DOES NOT mean everything’s ok.

Just because someone doesn’t follow your religion DOES NOT make them evil.

Just because someone dresses a certain way DOES NOT mean they’re “asking” to be raped or assaulted.

Just because someone wears makeup DOES NOT mean that they are opening themselves up to be criticized or ridiculed.

Just because someone loves differently than you do DOES NOT mean something is “wrong” with them.

Just because someone’s a different skin color for from a different country DOES NOT make them any less than you.

Just because your ancestors did it or it’s always been done a certain way DOES NOT make it right.

Just saying, be well, stay safe, take care of one another and have a wonderful evening!

Peace, share much love and many hugs-love C xxx

Inquiring Minds No.3: your favorite: actor(s)

I love these actors mostly because I’ve watched them since they started and if not, it’s just because they are awesome imho(of course in no particular order):

  1. Leonardo DiCaprio
  2. Brad Pitt
  3. Gary Oldman
  4. Edward Norton
  5. Morgan Freeman
  6. Seth Rogan
  7. James Franco
  8. Joseph Gordon-Levitt
  9. Steve Carell
  10. Steve McQueen
  11. John Malkovich
  12. Kevin Spacey
  13. Ewan McGregor
  14. William H. Macy
  15. Jamie Foxx
  16. John Cusak
  17. Robert Downey Jr.
  18. Samuel L. Jackson
  19. Johnny Depp
  20. Timothy Olyphant
  21. Tim Curry

Which actor(s) do you love? …And go

Peace, much love, many hugs, C xxx

Inquiring minds No.2: your favorite actress(es)

These women pretty much just simply need to BE in a movie or show and I’ll watch.My favorite acting ladies(in no particular order):

  1. Claire Danes
  2. Winona Ryder
  3. Alicia Silverstone
  4. Kristen Bell
  5. Angela Bassett
  6. Emma Stone
  7. Anne Hathaway
  8. Anna Kendrick
  9. Mila Kunis
  10. Merryl Streep
  11. Parker Posey
  12. Christina Applegate
  13. Emma Watson
  14. Lauren Ambrose
  15. Millie Bobby Brown
  16. Mary Louise Parker
  17. Frances Conroy
  18. Helena Bonham Carter
  19. Julia Louis-Dreyfus
  20. Jessica Lange
  21. Drew Barrymore

Who is/are the best in your humble opinion? And go

P.S. I’ve been thinking of these questions since high school, I’m almost 40, so I’ve had ample time to think of answers, so don’t feel like you need a list, it could just be 1

Peace, much love, many hugs, C xxx